About Project

Give a Chance works with young people to make them initiate projects concerning not only their local realities but the global dilemmas from climate change to the displacement of people due to wars and armed conflicts. The local problems are intertwined in today’s world though, the youth organisations often involve in their own local problems without considering the fact that they have relations moreover impacts on the global problems. We believe that both creating awareness among the young people about the global world while qualifying them as change makers in their own communities through upskilling their entrepreneurial skills will create a significant impact on South-Mediterranean. 

To elaborate, according to the #YouthStats: Hunger and Poverty of UN Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, In developing countries, an estimated 2/3 of the youth are not fulfilling their economic potential”  and “2 out of 3 countries do not consult young people as a part of the process of preparing poverty reduction strategies or national development plans”. That shows the fact that young people are out of the economy and even though, they are often considered the dynamic and evolving part of the population, that boosts the economy. Moreover, the young people do not have skills to engage on the economy as well as the labour market in all of the countries involved in the project ( Spain, Turkey, Morocco, and Tunisia ).

The young people has potential to make a change when the opportunity present itself. However, to unleash this potential and increase the young people’s engagement to the poverty reduction, labour market and upskill them with social entrepreneurial skills will increase the involvement to the society and will provide solutions both the global and local problems while impacting on the global scale. In addition to that, the reason behind choosing the social entrepreneurship for the main aspect of the project is to support the 2030 Agenda of SDGs. According to the World Youth Report: Youth Social Entrepreneurship and the 2030 Agenda, claims that the youth social entrepreneurship can offer more than just employment but as well provides spaces for the young people to claim their identities and participate and it is a tool to support the 2030 Agenda and youth development.

In this regard, with this project we aim to provide a space for the young people to implement their own ideas and projects in their own communities while increasing the capacities of the organisations involved in the program to contribute to the development of the programs in the third countries as we focused on “Morocco and Tunisia” while exchanging practices in both sides of the Mediterranean in Turkey and Spain with the North African counterparts.

General Objective of the Project:

  • To develop tools for youth workers to foster the youth social entrepreneurship for promoting their participation and employment while making them engage with their local communities to solve the problems that they define as important in their own communities.

Specific Objectives of the Project :

  • To develop tools for youth workers and young people to engage and implement social entrepreneurial activities in participating countries
  • To qualify 8 youth workers as mentors to provide mentoring focusing on social entrepreneurship to address the youth unemployment and youth poverty along with cross-cutting issues in each country from gender mainstreaming, climate change
  • To increase the entrepreneurial skills of 40 young people to become changemakers in their own communities and make them create and initiate ideas in their own communities
  • To create an awareness about the issues of the local communities in participating countries through the implementation of activities

Work Packages with the Project :

The work plan is structured as five work packages which will be implemented in a logical and temporal sequence. Each work package is consisted with the specific objectives of the project and it contributes to the specific objectives above. Some work packages continuously work with each other and contributes to each others success through the implementation of the project.

Work Package 1:  Project Management & Coordination ( M1 – M24 ) : The work package promotes the quality implementation of the project activities and internalises aspects for the successful implementation of the project activities.

Work Package 2: Development of Educational Materials ( M2 – M9 ) : Under this work package, the educational materials and handbooks to implement the activities will be developed. It will help the partner organisations to understand the social context and develop strategies for the successful implementation of the project activities in the next work package. Under this WP, the following will be developed :

A)Handbook for Mentors to Engage with Youth for Social Entrepreneurship : This handbook will be used to train the mentors and will give them guidelines to implement the mentorship process during the implementation of the participants’ activities in their communities.

B) Handbook for Young People to Initiate Social Entrepreneurship Activities: The handbook will be used to provide participants with guidelines and social context of the country along with the reporting requirements within the program. It will help participants to keep on track about their activities while giving them pathways to deal with the issues that they might face during their journey.

C)Online Virtual Module : We will develop online virtual module for the implementation of local entrepreneurship activities and it will help us to engage with the participants in constructive manner through out their projects.

Work Package 3: Give A Chance Programme (M8-M20): Under this work package, the developed educational materials will be used to implement activities with young people in international context and 40 young people will gain skills and competences to implement social entrepreneurship activities with the support of the mentors. The mentorship qualification will be done under this work package and 8 mentors will be working together. In between 13-19 month periods, the young people will implement their activities and that will be supported by mentors and country coordinators.

Work Package 4: Glocalizing the Youth Work(M13-M20): Under this work package the young people will implement their activities concerning to the social issues by practicing entrepreneurship skills that they have gained during the implementation of the project. It will give young people a space to practice their skills. As a result more than 2000 people will be reached in the countries involved within the project. 

Work Package 5: Glocal Dissemination to Organisations and Young People (M1-M24): This work package aims to disseminate the project results and implements activities focusing on the youth workers by implementing a “Sustain the Change” trainings in the countries involved. It will increase the capacities of at least 40 youth organisations in the countries and promote the social entrepreneurship in both programme and partner countries in organisational level.