GEGED implements activities with young people and refugees to promote solidarity in the field of education, youth integration and volunteering. The main activities focuses on the implementation of local educational activities through the engagement of the international volunteers involved in European Solidarity Corps Projects. GEGED aims to raise awareness of the problems and changes that will affect the future of individuals for years, such as the global migrant and refugee crisis, the increase in inequality of opportunity in education, generational change and adaptation of individuals to these generations, and digitalization. 

Verdesur is a local socio-cultural association engaging young people the activities focused on the empowerment through creativity and arts. They have distinctive experiences on the implementation of cooperation projects. They provide mobility opportunities for the young people and implement European Solidarity Corps activities in their city. Their main work area is rural development, creativity and art, inclusion and peace building through artistic activities. They see this opportunity to engage the young people from rural area who are under harsh economic conditions to make them initiate new projects while contributing to their empowerment.

AVWB is a grassroots youth NGO with Quality Label in ESC. They have started organisation from a project concerning protection of environment, that showed them that there is not enough information in our society of young people about availability to learn, understand a develop in non-governmental and volunteering. The organisations aims at having a new-leading and volunteering future youth generation that would be able to take responsibility in their community. It also aims at enhancing cultural, social, and environmental and health consciousness among the members of society as well as at organizing and enhancing voluntary work among youth. They have experiences on social entrepreneurship and implementation of social entrepreneurship activities with young people. 

ASED aims to empower the young people through increasing their skills and involving them in mobility opportunities. To do so, ASED implemented youth exchanges, seminars, workshops and training sessions focusing on social and environmental issues in the communities. They implement debate circles and discussions in weekly basis about different topics to engage young people with each other to make them understand about the social issues. They have extensive ties with the young people in the local community and they are able to reach young people with fewer opportunities due to networks that they have in their own organisation.